A Room of Her Own

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February 2018
First Edition of 350
Printed in China

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*The Exposure Award 2017
*Festival MAP Toulouse 2018

But No One Was Swimming in the Pool


first edition 27

This book is written in two languages (Chinese and English) of some random thoughts on my influences, fiction and stories behind my documentary ”Calling the Flowers”.

I made a small handmade zine “小剧场” (little cinema) which includes some freeze frames from a roll of super8 film.

Do You Smell Strawberry?

print on demand

Diaries From My Garbage

For the month of April 2019, I took one object from my garbage every day and wrote something about that object. 

Ever since all my CDs were thrown away, I never collect things again.


Jiao Jiao 姣姣

Zine of my childhood.